Commission Schedule

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At StarDesk, we believe that in enabling new investors and growing the world of crypto is more important than short term gains. That's why we are offering very low commission rate.

Our commission schedule is similar to the tax system; they are assessed in brackets. The below is the commission schedule for each transaction. There is no rolling commission schedule. Meaning that prior transactions don’t add into the current transaction rate. However, there is a minimum commission fee of $300.

Brackets Rate
first $ 40,000 USD 5 %
next 40,000 USD 4.5 %
next 40,000 USD 4 %
next 40,000 USD 3.5 %
from there on 3 %
Please note: NODE sales have additional fees, imposed by node runners.
Current schedule, paid by the seller, is as follows:
Effective As Type Rate Paid By
NODE_C0D3R 1.8 % Seller (witheld from proceeds)
NODE_EASY2STAKE 1.8 % Seller (witheld from proceeds)

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