How the OTC Desk Works

Welcome to StarDesk. Here, you can buy and sell POKT via our secure escrow service.

  • Low commission
  • Transparent transactions - you see current and past prices.
  • True white-glove service with friendly and helpful operators.
  • Communication with buyer and seller notes.
  • Flexibility with min/max ranges.
  • Secure and dependable with test transfers first, reducing risk of misplaced funds.

How our OTC service works for POKT sale:

  • We reach out to both the buyer and the seller to get their confirmation.
  • Buyer deposits the escrow amount to a private address that is specified by StarDesk (transaction amount + commission). To make sure that everythig is OK, buyer first sends to small amount as a test. They send the rest upon confirmation from us.
  • We let the seller know about the receipt of funds securely in the escrow.
  • Seller sends 5 POKT to our escrow wallet as a test.
    Upon confirmation from us, seller sends the rest and shares the transaction ID with StarDesk.
  • Upon completion of the transfer of the funds to the our wallet, we release the escrow funds (minus our commission) to the seller. Again, we will first send a small amount to test the transfer. Upon positive confirmation from the seller, we will send the rest.

How our OTC service works for NODE sale:

  • This is a BETA, i.e. test feature. We are seeking your feedback.
  • Nodes sales are possible only via a select few pre-vetted node vendors (they need to be reputable, plus they must have opted in).
  • Details are here: Node Trade Details

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